Michael David

Michael Osterfeld


Mike Osterfeld has produced multiple online hit series over the past 15 years. He’s bought and founded restaurants, build comedy shows and created award winning content across the internet. He’s the creator of the Mikes Peppa Sauce Brand. He co-produces and stars in this new food based series about great restaurants in a city known for great food, great fun and great times. Join him on this new adventure, a live streamed restaurant show, Fall 2018.

Helena Beckstead has a fun a quirky personality that comes out on camera. She’s an experienced comedy writer and recent graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans. Her quick remarks keep things moving. Be sure to follow Helena on her social media below.

Jonathan LA is the host of the Jonathan LA show and sketches on Youtube. He’s funny and bring knowledge of current pop culture to the show which makes for lively debates. Jonathan is also a cat member of the live stage show “Late Night Game Night Live” – a live and interactive audience show performed weekly in New Orleans starting in December 2018. Follow Jonathan’s social media below to keep up!.

Scott Craig is a renown chef. He is the Founder and Head Chef of Katie’s Restaurant in New Orleans and Francesca in Lakeview, a new St. Louis style deli with Cajun flare. Scott has been featured on food shows on Food Network, CNN, Diner’s Drivin’s and Dives, and more. Scot has been cooking New Orleans style food for over 20 years and knows his stuff. Follow him as he tours the best and brightest restaurants in the city and introduces the world for more New Orleans cuisine. Follow Scot on social media below!

Eric Edmondson is a veteran stand up comic in the New Orleans area and bring a dry and understated humor to the group. His dress attire tends to outpace the rest of the crew but thats ok because someone has to act like the adult. Check out Erics social media below!